Our Stones
The designer takes great care with the quality of the natural stones she selects for her collections. The stones, cut into different shapes, are meticulously sorted by the craftsmen before being set or threaded by hand.
Lapis, jades, corals, turquoise and many other wonderful stones form a
and many other wonderful stones form a range of vibrant colours.
One can choose the jewellery in a monochrome spirit or venture into a multi-colored mix.

White Agate

Calm, safety

"White Agate, a stone of the chalcedony family, is, as its name suggests, a natural milky white stone, sometimes with small striations that make each stone unique.
Its fascinating whiteness invites us to dive into a very special feeling of purity. In ancient times, this stone was used as a talisman with soothing and balancing properties. It is still said today that it has the power to rebalance the chakras, bringing inner peace and harmony.
Balancing energies, bringing courage and peace, at ZAG Bijoux we love the white Agate in large cabochons on rings or cuffs or simply in pearl bracelets. Our designer considers this stone a must-have in all our summer collections. A must for a tanned skin.
Lara Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Lara Ring

4 Colors
Aritea Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Aritea Necklace

4 Colors
Cobra Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Cobra Ring

4 Colors


Happiness, sincerity and harmony

Amazonite takes us to Brazil, to the banks of the Amazon River, from which it takes its name. Legend has it that this deep blue-green stone was the preferred stone of the Amazonian warriors and that it symbolised their courage. We find amazonite sculpted on many Egyptian ornaments and notably on a ring in the shape of a scarab that belonged to Tutankhamen.

If it is easily confused with Turquoise it is attributed the same virtues : those of calming negative thoughts and bringing harmony, joy and balance. Amazonite is also known to absorb magnetic waves and we are obviously thinking of telephone waves ! At Zag we love amazonite for its subtle and delicate colour which blends happily with apatite in shades of blue. Mounted in rings, on bracelets or earrings, apatites in "cabochon" are flattering and can be worn with any outfit... we think for example of the Vera ring, its matching band and the sleepers... A real set that we love to wear with a jean jacket in a chic and casual look.
Trisha Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Trisha Necklace

9 Colors
Cassandra Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Cassandra Ring

4 Colors
Manbo Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Manbo Earrings

3 Colors


Wisdom, humility and relaxation

Amethyst is a deep purple stone that reigns supreme in the world of jewellery. First used by the Etruscans and Egyptians as decorative stones to adorn objects or wall frescoes, it was in the 18th century that it was considered a precious stone and used for the most beautiful ornaments. It very quickly became the stone of choice for the high clergy because legend attributes to it the virtues of sobriety favouring self-control.

The stone takes its name from Amethystos, a nymph that Dionysus wanted to seduce. The goddess Artemis wanted to protect the nymph from the advances of Dionysus and turned her into a rock crystal. It is said that Dionysus was furious and spilled his glass of wine on the rock crystal, which then turned a deep purple color. The amethyst stone then became a symbol of sobriety but also of intellectual concentration. If we like it in an intense violet, its colour can vary and turn to a light lilac. Amethyst allows those who wear it to foster creativity and awaken the innovative spirit within you.
Cassandre Bracelet (Gold-plated steel)

Cassandre Bracelet

3 Colors
Vino Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Vino Ring

14 Colors
Lux Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Lux Necklace

4 Colors

Blue Apatite

Creativity, communication and knowledge

Apatite is a fine stone with shades of blue to green. Its multiple veins are inscribed in the material like a landscape seen from the sky. It is said to have positive virtues to help you let go and reconnect with your deep emotions.

At Zag we love it for the diversity of its colors and its deep blue to green. In cabochons on rings or in cheerful pendants, blue apatite looks great on tanned skin or worn in winter. We love to mix it with amethyst, turquoise and lapis lazuli which are also our designer's favourite stones.
Bangle Véra Bracelet (Gold-plated Steel)

Bangle Véra Bracelet

9 Colors
Sceria Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Sceria Ring

8 Colors
Falls Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Falls Earrings

7 Colors

Lapis Lazuli

Happiness, health and love

Between azure and ultramarine, lapis lazuli is the blue stone by excellence. For a long time mistaken for sapphires, lapis became the essential stone for Egyptian frescoes and the most beautiful jewellery. Ground into precious powder in the Middle Ages, lapis was the most coveted pepper for illuminating sacred books.

It is said to have many virtues, such as promoting understanding of oneself and others, and facilitating communication, thus bringing wisdom and serenity to those around you. At ZAG, lapis is sovereign. We like the depth of its colour, with golden flashes on some stones, and we find that it blends in wonderfully with the tiger's eye, but also with many other stones. We recommend wearing a lapis lazuli around your neck at all times, as ancient legends claim that it is beneficial for the throat, headaches and allergies.
Salomé Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Salomé Earrings

3 Colors
Amélia Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Amélia Necklace

2 Colors


Protection (negative energies), seduction and regeneration

Labradorite is a fine stone with multiple reflections ranging from water green to turquoise blue. Its grey and metallic colour and the multitude of reflections that appear on its surface give it a magical and bewitching allure. Discovered in Canada in the Labrador region, from which it takes its name, it was considered by the Inuit tribes as a legendary stone that gave birth to the northern lights. Its deposits are spread all over the world and it is coveted to be mounted on the most beautiful ornaments.

Considered the "protective stone" by excellence, it is said that wearing it protects against negative energies. It also increases the laws of attraction and opens our energies towards others. A stone of harmony and balance, we love to mix it with red Carnelian. Carnelian warms the grey of labradorite on the skin in an ultra chic and sophisticated effect. Don't hesitate to play this winning duo in accumulation in bracelets or rings...
Manuréva Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Manuréva Necklace

6 Colors
Véra Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Véra Ring

3 Colors


Fullfulment, self-confidence and audacity

Malachite stone can be traced back to ancient times when it was used for decoration in stone marquetry. The Tsars of Russia were very fond of it and the columns of the cathedral of Saint Petersburg can be admired covered with malachite !

In the same way as lapis lazuli, the pigments become paintings for the illumination of precious books.
Its protective properties have been recognised for centuries and it is said that malachite strengthens our self-confidence and increases our power of persuasion. Balancing the heart chakras, it harmonises our intimate relationships. At Zag our designer is totally fascinated by its thousand shades of green. Like a landscape seen from the sky, we can imagine a winding river or a green earth in its smallest details. It blends wonderfully with tiger's eye in shades of deep brown and brings a touch of color in the evening, mixed with black onyx for a more mysterious look. On all our jewels, the malachite cabochons are all different, so you can prefer a more plain or more contrasting stone. The diversity of the stone makes each piece unique and allows you to wear it as a protective talisman and the assurance of a piece of jewellery made to measure for you !
Spoutnik Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Spoutnik Ring

7 Colors
Apache Bracelet (Gold-plated steel)

Apache Bracelet

14 Colors
Zoé Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Zoé Earrings

12 Colors
Beans Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Beans Necklace

4 Colors


Safety, well-being

The formation of mother-of-pearl remains mysterious, it covers crustaceans and shellfish and shines with reflections that are both intense white and subtly multicolored. The word mother-of-pearl comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". The people of the Persian Gulf traditionally fished for pearl oysters, which enclosed the most beautiful white pearls in their entrails. These pearls were sold to princes and rich notables and the mother-of-pearl that covered the inner surface of the oysters or other shells was used to decorate precious inlays or to make delicate jewellery. Ground into powder, it heals wounds and accelerates healing.

The delicacy of its reflections allows our designer to create jewellery full of finesse. It is very present in our collections and mixes with delight with all the other stones and the brilliant zirconiums. A piece of mother-of-pearl jewellery is a refined gift to express your love, perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.
Zoé Bracelet (Gold-plated steel)

Zoé Bracelet

10 Colors

Black Onyx

Courage, Power

Black onyx is a stone full of mystery which in ancient times was used in marquetry in the same way as lapis lazuli or malachite. From the chalcedony family, the term onyx comes from the Greek word for nail. It is said that Cupid cut the nails of his mother, the goddess Aphrodite, while she was asleep, and that these were transformed into black stones. Onyx deposits are found in Latin America, India and Madagascar.
In India, onyx is considered to be the stone that protects against evil energies. Onyx is said to bring support in difficult times and to strengthen self-esteem. It is the stone of stability and balance. Very popular during the Renaissance, onyx was engraved in the same way as cameos and became the preferred material for royal seals.

Deep black in colour, onyx is a very important stone in all our collections. While many onyx beads are used in the creation of our men's jewellery, we love to mix black onyx with shiny zirconiums, creating a precious complement of black and shiny in a very jewellery-like way.
Roman Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Roman Necklace

3 Colors
Ormiga Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Ormiga Earrings

2 Colors
La Natura Bracelet (Gold-plated Steel)

La Natura Bracelet

5 Colors
Bold Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Bold Ring

3 Colors

African turquoise

Friendship, softness and well-being

African turquoise is a variety of Jasper whose blue is speckled with brown or black veins. Extracted from the mines of South Africa, it is easily cut to be the object of the most beautiful ornaments.
Often confused with Turquoise, whose name it bears in part, African turquoise is known for its soothing properties. It is the stone of positivism but also of balance. It allows those who wear it to realign their energies but also to open their heart chakra.

Our designer has been using African turquoise for many years as one of the stones of choice in her collections.
On rings in large cabochons or strung in rows of stones, African turquoise mixes with most of the other gemstones in our collections and can be worn as elegantly in summer as in winter. We also use it a lot in our men's jewellery collections.


Vitality, balance and resistance

Carnelian is a natural stone with tones ranging from blood red to softer oranges almost turning to a peachy pink. Its name comes from the Latin corneus which means horny, referring to the corneus tree whose leaves and wood are red. It was found in Egypt inlaid in precious sarcophagi because it was believed to accompany the dead to the afterlife. The legends are various and it is said that Mahommet, the famous prophet, wore a ring of Cornelian.

We love it at Zag because the diversity of its colors allows it to be mixed with iridescent chalcedony, black onyx or tiger's eye. It is perfect to wear carnelian in October, when the autumn leaves are turning red and we will soon be celebrating Halloween... It is said that carnelian encourages positive thinking and keeps doubts at bay, which is also why we recommend wearing it now as winter approaches to help us cope with the milder weather. We advise not to hesitate to wear the big carnelian cabochons mounted on rings or sleepers to see the depth of its red.

Tiger's eye

Protection (evil eye), will and creation

Tiger's eye is probably the most protective of all stones. During the Ottoman Empire, the tiger's eye brought courage and protection to the warriors who wore it. Of an iridescent brown with yellow ochre reflections, it is named after its resemblance to the eye of a tiger. The Mesopotamian civilizations had thus given it the name of Oculus Belus, Oculus meaning the eye and Belus, recalling the god of fortune, the most powerful of the gods of Babylon. Considered by its rarity as a precious stone in its own right, it became a "semi-precious" stone thanks to the discovery of a deposit in the early 19th century in South Africa. The tiger's eye stone is therefore a protective stone, it returns negative energies to its transmitter. It promotes self-confidence, generosity and ambition. On a physical level, it is beneficial to the joints and seems to be recognised as the ideal stone for regaining energy.

Tiger's eye is one of our designer's favourite stones.
Our ZAG Bijoux men's bracelet collections are often a mix of tiger eye and black onyx beads. We also love the tiger's eye in large cabochon on rings with an ethnic chic look.


Good mood, vitality and inner balance

Varying in warm color palettes from oranges to browns, the sunstone shines under the star whose name it bears with small glittering reflections. Of the Quartz family, this stone is also called Heliotite, after the Greek word Helios, the god of the sun. Over time it has been used as a talisman by all polytheistic peoples. The Nordic peoples believed that this stone gave access to Valhalla, the paradise of the great Viking warriors.

The virtues attributed to the sunstone are multiple, it is said to be invigorating and purifying, it brings inner serenity and the courage to launch ambitious projects. Michelle, our designer, loves sunstone for its delicate color and its tones tending towards light browns and nudes. At Zag, sunstones are often used as earrings and are cut in the form of bright, cheerful pendants. They mix with all the other stones in our collections but our designer often pairs it with Carnelian.


Self-confidence, love of neighbour and revival

Peridot is also called Olivine because of its intense green color. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians used peridot as a magical stone to adorn the finest jewellery. Some frescoes show Cleopatra wearing a necklace of green stones which were probably peridot and not emeralds as one might have thought. This stone is found in different cultures and for the Hawaiians, it represented the tears of a goddess and in the Bible, one of the 12 stones of Aaron's breastplate. Peridot is found in numerous deposits around the world, in Brazil, South Africa, China and Vietnam. It is said to have many physical and spiritual virtues. It seems to strengthen the heart and stimulate blood circulation, but also to improve or even restore self-confidence.

If you look at the calendar, peridot corresponds to the month of August, a stone of full summer. In the ZAG Bijoux collections, peridot is often used in beads or faceted pendants. We often mix it with other colored stones such as rose quartz or tourmaline.


Magnetism, inspiration and creativity

Pyrite is a natural stone with a metallic golden color. It captures light like gold or platinum and was used by some Native American tribes to make mirrors. Pyrite is composed mainly of crystals and is found in abundance in Spain, France, Italy and Slovakia. Its very particular golden color makes it a fascinating stone that invites questions. It is said to have various virtues, but it seems to be a real stimulator for the memory, reinforcing the creative part in everyone. Pyrite is the stone to wear when you are taking exams or if you are in need of creative inspiration.

In our Zag jewellery collections, pyrite is often mounted in cabochons in the centre of pendants or on rings. Its metallic look allows it to be worn mixed with both gold and silver.

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