Michelle is a designer of many inspirations, but it is in the heart of Paris, the vibrant city where she grew up, that she designs ZAG jewellery. She excels in mixing genres and transports us to the meeting of East and West, to the borders of lost paradises where the Sun pendants are talismans, the stones are protective charms and the colored hoop earrings are a seductive asset that illuminate the face.
Long live architecture
Paris is a major source of inspiration. From the gilding of the Grand Palais to the multi-faceted geometry of the Louvre Pyramid, the city offers itself to the eyes of the designer who notices all its details, even the most minute ones, which she puts at the service of her creative spirit.

Variable geometry ...

ZAG jewellery also has a geometric influence. Worn in a refined way or in accumulation, their majestic symmetry and elegant regularity will perfectly suit the modern woman !


Lush and beautiful, nature is a vital inspiration for the design of ZAG jewellery. From delicate leaves to graceful cacti, from African animals to aquatic fauna, steel is sculpted and cut to render the marvellous forms of an exuberant nature.


ZAG jewellery acts as a protective talisman, bringing good luck and beneficial energy worn on the skin.

Ethnic Chic

If ZAG can boast of a label, it is indeed that of Ethnic chic... Whether it is a sunny terrace, a peaceful stroll in the city or the most beautiful beaches in the world, your daily life is the destination of choice for our jewels which will not fail to bring a chic and bohemian touch to your life !

Love of Stone

Stones are the stars of our collections. Our designer loves them very much. They are chosen with the greatest care according to multiple criteria, such as their color, size and brilliance. They must speak to us and their uniqueness also makes the value of our jewellery. At ZAG we choose the most beautiful stones with love and care for each piece of jewellery. We do not hesitate to mix turquoise with lapis in deep blue shades. Coral flirts with carnelian and tiger's eye is our major asset, it really goes with everything. So why limit ourselves to a single stone, let's opt for a mix of genres by generously adorning ourselves with stones with protective powers.

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