316L stainless steel

Of all the materials, we prefer steel

It sounds like a song from the end of the 80's... like a credo, steel is the favorite material of our designer who legitimately claims to have been one of the first to use 316L steel for the creation of her costume jewellery...

The story goes back to ten years ago. Michelle, our designer, who was mainly working with materials such as 925 silver or brass was looking for a pure material, a resistant material, a material that would allow her to give life to her unlimited creativity. She discovered 316L steel, a material used at the time to make surgical tools. This material is stainless thanks to a high dose of chromium in its composition but also totally recyclable and hypoallergenic !

Michelle learns to work with it little by little, tries out new shapes, cuts the steel plates with a laser, buys new tools in the workshop for the craftsmen and understands that the universe of possibilities is wide. The know-how coupled with the skill of our craftsmen results in a mirror-like polish that no other material can boast after such treatment.

316L stainless steel is fully compatible with gold

This characteristic allows the gold to bind much more firmly than other materials.
ZAG jewellery is gold-plated using the ionisation process. This method, in addition to guaranteeing an extraordinary hold of the gold on our jewellery, is also environmentally friendly, generating no waste or material loss.
If today many brands follow the path of stainless steel, we remain forerunners and experts in the nobility of its use.
In the course of time and thanks to our experience, we are able to design increasingly creative collections, whose quality is recognised and allow us to affirm that ZAG bijoux is real steel, it is our expertise, it is jewellery of impeccable quality.

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