Winter 2022

Sophisticated cocooning

Gold and pearls, what better way to dress a neckline to perfection.
This will allow you to bring light to your winter days while remaining cocooned.
Arion Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Arion Ring

6 Colors

Glam Glam

Winter is also synonymous with elegance.
Jewellery becomes the highlight of an outfit, so don't neglect it.
Matching necklaces with pretty bracelets will give you a trendy look for this season.
Preston Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Preston Earrings

5 Colors
Carole Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Carole Ring

6 Colors

Precious and minimalist

Opt for a precious and minimal style by choosing fine meshes adorned with stones or zirconiums, in accumulation or alone, you will obtain a chic and elegant style in all circumstances.

Precious and maximal

If you want to opt for a chic and original look, then don't hesitate: mix materials and colours when you accumulate.
Create the style that suits you.

Finesse of an evening

Bring out the softness and femininity in you by wearing your most delicate jewellery for an evening.
In contact with your skin, your jewellery will reveal and accentuate your natural beauty.
Andrée Necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Andrée Necklace

3 Colors
Zigzag Earrings (Gold-plated steel)

Zigzag Earrings

5 Colors

Glittery Amazon

Winter is the time when the most glittering jewellery comes out.
Add some gold to the mix with statement pieces that will complete your evening look and draw the eye.
Trifolium Long-necklace (Gold-plated steel)

Trifolium Long-necklace

7 Colors
Trifolium Ring (Gold-plated steel)

Trifolium Ring

6 Colors

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