How to wear the accumulation of earrings?

Small curls, hoop earrings or even long curls, the trend is for accumulation!

Very fashionable for several years, stacking (accumulation in English) offers the possibility of expressing your style through jewelry.

For this, you can play with the shapes, sizes, patterns and materials of your curls (be careful, however, not to overdo it and to respect a certain harmony).

Why only wear one pair of earrings when you can wear several at the same time? Choosing is not giving up!

Depending on your style, you can choose to wear more or less showy or discreet earrings.

Here are some composition ideas depending on the look you want to give yourself:

● For a rock n roll look: Evangeslista, Magdalena, Pei

● For a classy look: Tear, Soho, Softy

● For a bohemian look: Navajo, Feather, Billes

Also, if you want to pep up your looks, choose mismatched earrings.

This will also allow you to wear more of your favorite jewelry! For more details, do not hesitate to read our article “MISMATCHED EARRINGS? IT'S TRENDY”

Another option is earcuffs. Adopt earrings that multiply on your ears without having to go through the piercing box!

These ear rings slip over the cartilage allowing you to dress your ears temporarily.

These pair very well with other pierced curls like mini curls or even dangling curls.

With the arrival of sunny days, opt for colorful curls to brighten up your outfits! Indeed, if you have chosen to dress in neutral tones, a touch of color on your ears will make the look more cheerful and summery.

At ZAG, we offer a collection entirely dedicated to color which you can find on our site by typing “Color Therapy”.

We hope this article has inspired you for your next looks.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @zagbijoux, we can't wait to see how you paired your ZAG earrings!

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